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DREAM WITHOUT LIMITS. The 2024 ESTEE COUTURE BRIDAL COLLECTION is a declaration of love, of dreams, of celebrations, and of dressing up again. ESTEE COUTURE awakens our restless slumber with a fantastical flurry of wedding dresses that embrace the beauty and femininity of this precious moment.


DRESS UP WITH ABANDON. ESTEE sets her sights on the desires and rituals in the act of becoming a bride. 2024 represents a return to the beauty and romance of stepping into this role with grace, spirit, and an open heart.


LOVE AUTHENTICALLY. This season ESTEE balances her love for soft sensuality with clean, architectural looks. Guided by her passion for lush, featherweight fabrics and the handcraft of decadent embroideries and dramatic flashes of skin, she invites the bride to fall in love with fashion.


CELEBRATE ENDLESSLY. The 2024 ESTEE COUTURE BRIDAL COLLECTION is the embodiment of the modern, romantic bride.  Craftsmanship, exquisite details, and intentional design are at the heart of this collection, created exclusively for every bride to express and celebrate her true character.

Estee Couture Bridal

2024 Brand Statement

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Founder & Designer of Los Angeles-based ESTEE COUTURE, ESTEE has her finger on the pulse of what the modern bride wants to wear on her wedding day. She wants romance. She wants beauty. She wants to show her strength and self-assuredness in her body and style. “My brides are confident, professional, independent women. They represent a new standard in beauty and individualism. They’re not afraid to show their bodies and their soft, feminine side at the same time,” points out ESTEE.


The 2024 ESTEE COUTURE BRIDAL COLLECTION represents ESTEE’s passion for design and creating wedding dresses that reflect an inspiring diversity of looks that allow every bride to find themselves within the collection. ESTEE is known for her stellar fit and construction that offers a multitude of support and structure to the bride. This season ESTEE developed an exciting, new construction concept informed by her love of lingerie. She sourced rich, multi-dimensional fabrics and beading from the best European mills, setting a new high bar for this young brand.


ESTEE’s continued one-on-one dialogue with her brides gives this talented, independent designer priceless insight into what women want to look and feel like on one of the most significant days of their lives. Her dedication to her craft and her client makes ESTEE a fresh, bold force in the global wedding industry.

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